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How often should our scales be calibrated?

We recommend testing at a minimum of once per year. A couple of factors that can help you determine frequency could include your company’s quality requirements, frequency of use of the scale, how the scale is treated, and what type of an environment the scale is located in.

Are you ISO/IEC17025 Certified?

Yes we are. Copies of our cert are available on our “Quality” page via a link. If you have any issues accessing the link, please contact us and we can find an alternate way to get you a copy.

Are your test weights NIST Traceable?

Yes. Our test weights are NIST certified by the state every two years. In addition to the every two years, we perform our own internal audits to verify that the weights are still within tolerance.

Do you provide electronic calibration reports?

Yes. We offer electronic calibration reports that can provide multiple levels of certification to meet your needs.

Do you sell used scales?

We do not. However, we sell a wide range of products and our Sales Representatives will work hard to find a scale within your budget if possible.

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