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Vehicle Weighing

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METTLER TOLEDO is now backing their premium POWERCELL® PDX® load cells, with an unprecedented 10 Year Warranty. Delivering industry leading accuracy and reliability, a lower total cost of ownership, and now a Comprehensive 10 Year Warranty to back it up.

If you are shopping for a new truck scale, or simply wish to upgrade your weighbridge, D.C. Martin & Son Scales, Inc. can provide you with the equipment your industry requires.

Over the road weighing

Choose from a wide range of steel and concrete deck truck scale designs that use our POWERCELL load cell technology to provide proven performance and exceptional durability.


Whether you need to weigh rail cars when they are stopped or as they move across a scale, METTLER TOLEDO has a reliable solution for you.


From basic weighing needs to advanced integration with numerous scales, software, and accessories, METTLER TOLEDO weighing terminals deliver unequalled performance, flexibility and ease of use.


Whether your truck scale is new, old or in between – having the right accessories to accompany it can save you time and money.


Weigh In Motion technology can measure the per-axle weight and gross weight of vehicles while they are travelling at highway speed. It detects axle-spacing so that vehicles can be identified by class, and also records the vehicle’s speed.

retrofit kits

These easy-to-install conversion kits can be used to install POWERCELL load cells in place of high-maintenance lever systems, analog load cells, and hydraulic load cells.